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Arielinc Designer Highlight

I had an awesome time at @arielinc fashion show at, the Morehouse/Spellman/Clarke AUC center last night. @Arielinc's line was Bold and it definitely left me wanting more! So much that I had to wear one of her exclusive designs at my performance i had after the show #smokeandchill, presented by: @Odinero . Below i have an exclusive behind the scenes view of @arielinc designs from the show! Please make sure you follow this talented designer on the RISE! In the images below @jade_muse styled by: @arielinc hair by: @lashanedoesmyhair Location: #smokeandchill

Jade Muse "Who Run It" Challenge!!

Check out My "Who Run It " Challenge !!! Listen Closely I've included each song from my debut EP "The Evolution of Jade" in the lyrics ! Go to the Music page and listen to more Jade Muse Music!!!! Follow me on instagram: @Jade_muse

Muse T-shirts coming Soon...

Special Thanks to all of the models that came out to The Muse T shirt collection photo shoot! The weather was a little dreary but that did not stop us, the vibes were amazing!!! These amazing models defintely brought the t shirts to life, and thats what being a muse is all about, creating and inspiring freely ! The Muse T shirt collection are a variety of cute everyday t shirts, created by creative powerhouse @jade_muse herself. They are funky fun and there are male and female designs! Shirts will be available soon, a release date has not been given to the public, but we can see from the "behind the scenes" images above we have a lot to look forward too. Special thanks to @1afshots for c

Muse Photoshoot 4/15

I am majorly excited for our Muse Photoshoot going down Sunday April 15th at 4pm! Models if you have any further questions about the shoot , feel free to ask away, i am looking forward to meeting all of you and creating magic. All models involved will get pics back , sent via email, and a few shots will be on my website: ! Thanks again , see you soon , love Jade Muse.

Jade Muse X @Film_God

I had the pleasure of shooting with the talented Quintavius Oliver @film_god this past weekend downtown Atlanta. These awesome lifestyle pictures, were natural and organic, here are the results.... hair by: @lashanedoesmyhair follow me on instagram : @jade_muse and @theevolutionofjade


I would like to make this a very special blog post, about manifesting your dreams!!!! I've been doing a lot of research about the world we live in as its presented to us. There are many things that seem so impossible to attain, but in reality it already belongs to us. Some say they don't believe in magic well i do. If you really take the time to think our entire world is magic, we are floating on a ball in the middle of space inside the ball we can breathe if we leave there's no air, and the seasons change without anyone in particular telling them too, and of course we attempt to predict the weather but sometimes we are not even able to do that. We must open our minds and understand the magi

Sundays are for Self Reflection

Throughout my life i have had to learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. I've always been different and i've always stood out from the crowd, and naturally of course people reject or fear what they don't understand. There are many who have embraced me with open arms and understanding but there will always be ones who will question you and what you are! Today i would like to take the time to reflect after last night's full moon. Last night 3/31 was the second full moon we have had in one month which made very special and very powerful. I've come to realize that people project their fears and its something they cannot control unless first they choose to bring about a true change in

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