Jade's Radio interview on Highly Unique Radio's  @4thecultureradio
Jade interviews   Tassili  of Tassilis Raw reality and Ifini  of Sevananda natural foods market    !

Jade Muse is a Creative Powerhouse based downtown, Atlanta Georgia. She is more than just an artist, sh is a creator! Muse means inspiration and there's more than enough to go around with Jade! Check out the music page to get a inside glimpse of the mind of the muse! What matters most is not what you know, its how you apply your knowledge! Life is not only about achieving one's goals, but also helping your neighbor reach theirs as well! Being a muse is a lifestyle, you never know how much your contribution could change someone's life! Jade's newest endeavor is the Reconnect to Self Holistic Care Retreat! This is Jade's small contribution to provide the world with a safe place to relax and recharge, in the midst of all the drama life can bring. Please check out the Retreat page to learn more. You can not put a label on this young woman, her work speaks for itself! Take your time, browse the site , and see how you can become a Muse today!


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