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Scorpio Season

Here we are again, its the time of year where the the truely gifted ones were born. The time of year where the legends stand tall, and gather together for one continuous grand celebration of life! All belonging to this specific zodiac sign, scorpio that is, all seemed to be bound by some incredible invisible string. There's no other sign quite like this one. What other sign could be strong, wise, and honorable like a sensei , while also being sly, sleek, and swift like a shooter? None other than the scorpio, and I am truely blessed to be one of a rare breed! My scorpio birth date is November 15th, i will be turning 21, and celebrating the entire month from begining to end! In preperation for this stupendous celebration i put together a photoshoot yesterday, October 26th so be on the lookout for new work! I feel great about the near future!