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Def Jam Conference call

I was blessed to be able to listen in on an exclusive conference call Def Jam was having with specific DJs and media represenatives. The first person that was interviewed on the coference call was artist Big K.RI.T as we all know he recently dropped a mixtape called, " It's better this way". In the interview K.R.I.T states that he actually produced 11 of the 14 songs on the mixtape. I've actually had a chance to listen to the mixtape and it has alot of songs with funky urban beats, that definietly stands out from allot of tracks artists have been putting out lately. It seem he has allot more sole and substance in his lyrics .I particularly like the song, " Shake em off", featureing Luda and K Camp. The question came up of, " what prompted Big K.R.I.T to want to tour the U.S?" He replied, the time had come, and basically it was what the people were asking for.Another question that came up was, " what cities did K.R.I.T feel showed the most love when he's there?" Of course the artist did not want to show favoritism but he ended up expressing New york, atlanta, L.A, and of course Texas because its like a second home to him.

The next artist to enter the conference was Jadakiss. He has an album dropping Nov. 20th called "Top 5 dead or Alive". One of the questions that was asked to Jadakiss was, "What do you do to stay relevant with your music today?" Jadakiss replied, "ya gotta keep your ear to the streets, understand the game changes everday. People get lost when they feel they are bigger than the game!" I feel that his answer was perfect, there are alot of artists out here that have gotten arrogant or comfortable and that's when we might not hear another hit from them in a while. Jadakiss was asked about any new producers he may be using, but it seems like he was keeping allot of things top secret. He says he's using a few guys from Canada and Norway. Aside from the music, we also found out that jadakiss is opening up 3 juicebars! What? A rapper is actually concious about his health, and is trying to be a positive role model? Yes, Jadakiss reveals that both his parents and some of his family members struggle with health issues, that's why hes opening these juicebars and making a way for people to change their eating habits.