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Update on Jades Birthday MONTH

My birthday photoshoot was a success! I Loved the pics i got back from the shoot! they came out absolutely wonderful! I want to take a sec to give a great big thank you to all of the people who came together and gave their time and effort to help me create some amazing images. Id like to start with the photographer,(ig:@kevonr_phtotography) thank you for taking some awesome shots helping me with angles and editing the pics so theyd come out exactly as i hoped for my special day!This guy is an amazing photographer and is very pateint and calm when working with you. He really makes his models feel comfortable on set. special thanks to Joe at (ig: @studioplexx47) for opening the doors and allowing my creative squad to use your creative space! Studioplexx is a one of a kind creative studio located on the westside od ATL used for music videos, photoshoots, private events, anything you can think of! Follow them on IG to book them for your artisitc needs. I also need to thank the hair stylist,(IG: @stylesonwheelz) If you ever need a stylist that can work well under pressure and quickly at crunch time you've found one! We didnt have much time for the shoot but she was able to give me alot of versatility changeing my hair with each new outfit, and making sure it stayed gorgeus the whole shoot! Book this stylist for anyshoot, she can give you any look, plus she will come to you! Plus she''s with the #SoOfficialfam! Of course with any shoot, the model's makeup has to be on fleek! i was blessed to be able to work with my lovely makeup artist, (IG: @kimnicole_14). I just love it when a makeup artist is able to give you a light fresh face, but 5 min later can get you a major glamourous beat down! For my shoot Kim ws able to give me a look that could easily be worn day or night and it went with all of my outfits without clashing! If you need a reliable makeup artist with a great knowledge of her art book her! Plus she's also with the #SoOfficial fam! Whats a photoshoot without amazing clothes? Next i have to thank My one of a kind Designer, (IG: @houseofkisses), when i say this woman is a creative force like no other i mean it! The outfits i wore were one of a kind, custom made and fit me perfectly to a T! She knows a woman's body, so anything of hers that you step on the scene with are sure to get you plenty of attention! Fashion is her lifestyle, and thats what you need when booking a designer! Last but not least i have to thank my creative director, (IG:@laneise_) she had a complete vision for my shoot, that i would have never been able to come up with on my own. If i had to describe her in a few small phrases, i would be sure to include; "incredible attention to detail, great with giveing the model directions, impressive flowing imagination"! If anyone needs creative director not only for photoshoots,but movie sets, or videoshoots you should book her! I am deeply appreciative to each and every indivdual who i've mentioned above! Each of you are very talented in your own ways,and i look forward to working with you in the future! I will also refer you to anyone who may need any of your services, networking is essential to success! Thank you again, sincerely Juicebox Jade!