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Jade Muse collabs with Mic Ventress

It seems like just yesterday when i met @micventress, he was on the streets of downtown ATL, promoting his music and selling cds. He stopped me and started singing, that's definitely a way to get someone to stop in their tracks! After he grabbed my attention, I followed him on social media and I've been watching his movement grow ever since. This young ambitious artist originally from New Orleans hit me a few weeks ago, letting me know that he would be in ATL, and we should link to collaborate on a project. Of course i could not say no. I am glad I had a chance to be apart of this movement, this artist has an incredible grind. Definitely, someone to keep a close eye on. Check out @micventress NEW music video for his song, "Misery Loves Company" Now on Youtube, Featuring me, @jade_muse. Shot and edited by: @hidephatl