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Jade on PERISCOPE!!!!

Hey guys !!!! Thanks for coming and checking out my new and IMPROVED website!!! I'm really excited about the NEW updates that have been made! Make sure you check the site daily for new EXCLUSIVE, updates, videos, apperances and everything JADE related! I've started a new project via Periscope, called #Jadeinthemorning to give my fans and supporters an inside look into my Life as an entertainer. Hundreds of viewers from all over the world tune in almost every morning to check in with me and chat. You have got to check it out! How can you tune in? well thats a good question.... First,

Download the Periscope app! Then, Pay close attention to my twitter Ill make a post, right before i go LIVE for #jadeinthemorning! I know you guys will love to get a lil extra one on one time with #YourFavoriteMuse! See ya next time ......

Sincerely ,

Jade Muse