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Sundays are for Self Reflection

Throughout my life i have had to learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. I've always been different and i've always stood out from the crowd, and naturally of course people reject or fear what they don't understand. There are many who have embraced me with open arms and understanding but there will always be ones who will question you and what you are! Today i would like to take the time to reflect after last night's full moon. Last night 3/31 was the second full moon we have had in one month which made very special and very powerful. I've come to realize that people project their fears and its something they cannot control unless first they choose to bring about a true change in themselves. For example i remember in middle school during spirit week, my mom sent me to school one day with curly red pony tails, and the next day with blue straight pony tails. To me this was awesome , school spirit week is a time to express yourself creatively with no boundaries, unfortunately some didn't see it that way. I was teased but only because others were projecting their fears, maybe they were too afraid to step out the box and be different for spirit week, or maybe they were afraid of how others would perceive them if they did. That didn't matter to me, see my mom always pushed me to be myself and to be different. Being teased or made fun of only encouraged me more to stand in my own truth and truely show my spirit. when i say they project their fears i mean , by making fun of someone for being different shows that maybe some would like to be different too, but they are too afraid, so instead they will just project hurtful words (fear) that will hurt the person who is different so that they will no longer wants to grow. The person who is different could even go so far as adopting the mindset that being different is wrong, by being hurt by others fear. When we have a generation of people that have fear holding them back from being themselves, from following their heats true desire, that's when we allow others to control us and make our decisions. That's why we are at war against each other because many of you are at war against yourselves. I have learned its better to be yourself, live happily, and prove to others through the life you live , that its alright to be different, and maybe if you unlocked your true self, the world would begin to open up for you in ways you cannot imagine. its never too late to change no matter how long you have been the same !