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I would like to make this a very special blog post, about manifesting your dreams!!!! I've been doing a lot of research about the world we live in as its presented to us. There are many things that seem so impossible to attain, but in reality it already belongs to us. Some say they don't believe in magic well i do. If you really take the time to think our entire world is magic, we are floating on a ball in the middle of space inside the ball we can breathe if we leave there's no air, and the seasons change without anyone in particular telling them too, and of course we attempt to predict the weather but sometimes we are not even able to do that. We must open our minds and understand the magic that actually happens everyday for us to be able to comprehend the magic we are able to create for ourselves. Once your eyes and your mind are open that is just the beginning.

I'm going to give you 3 key tips for manifestation that has been helping me create my reality. With these 3 keys you will be sure to at least be on the right path to creating your dreams.the first major key to manifestation would be to align your mind, and heart with what really matter to you most. You have to know yourself, know exactly what you want and how that would make you feel if you had it. Personally this part of manifestation has been pretty easy for me and at one point in my life i was actually doing this unintentionally. i would be so excited about an awesome day i had or a project i completed, that the universe would send more just like that my way. like a magnet i would pull opportunities to me. Your emotions are very powerful, why do you think its so difficult for people to hold in emotions or go against their gut?

The next key for manifestation i have for you would be, pay attention to the signs and act. Now this part is a little tricky. If you loved critical thinking while in school, like me, then this should be fairly easy for you. The universe is always speaking to us, but it does not know any man made language. The universe will send you different signs that you are on the right path or that something is possible you just have to be open to accepting and analyzing the signs. For example when i may hear a certain song playing on the radio after i said something related to that topic, that's a sign! Or if u come across an animal that you do not see very often , look up the symbolism of that animal, it could mean something dealing with what you are trying to manifest. just keep your eyes pealed because everything has meaning no matter how big or small.

The last major key ill give to you to help you with manifesting your dreams would be, to show gratitude.This is so simple ! Just say thanks you for all that you have!, be thankful for opportunities that you've come across, be thankful for ideas that were sent to you, just be generally thankful, because of course you made the manifestation happen, but you are working hand in hand with the universe. This is something that cant be faked. I hope that these 3 keys will lead you down the right path to manifesting everything you have ever dreamed of ! Shalom