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Da Wash House

I know its mother's day But since my mom's birthday is May 7th we have been celebrating all week! Today me and my mo decided to do some laundry so we ended up at "Da Wash House"! "Da Wash House" is an awesome black owned Laundry mat on Joseph E Boone blvd, located downtown Atlanta Ga! Today they closed early at 3pm so we got there around 1:30pm maybe , And we were the only ones there to do laundry, how lucky is that???? We had a chance to speak with the owner, and she told us this was a family owned buisness ! If you are ever in Atlanta and need to do laundry head to "Da Wash House" ! Nice clean laundromat with affordable prices! I just added them to the "Buy Black owned " Page of my site, go check em out!