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Hippe Frugal Fashion Wars 2018

July 2, 2018

Hey guys, its ya girl Jade and i had too much fun over the weekend! I had the pleasure of modeling in Hippe Frugal Fashion WARS 2018, representing designer @briananharper. Briana had a soulful, relaxed feel to her looks, and she made sure to add pops of color to the warm soulful tones. I had two looks, that i absolutely loved. (more pics to come soon)!

 i know you guys might have a few questions....

What exactly is a frugal fashion war? It's a competition were independent designers are given a small budget at  Intown Thrift, and are challenged to make creative looks for their models to wear on the catwalk! Of course there's a winner and prizes and giveaways. The event was beautifully put together by: @Hippe.co , and hosted by : @phe_tv

This is the second show that i was able to be apart of and each time it gets better ! Make sure you follow everyone above!!! and stay tuned for the next Hippe Frugal Fashion WARS!!!



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