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Quazy performance review

Jade muse originally from Baltimore ,currently

based in Atlanta. Singing and rapping about love, life and growth . Her performance consist of heavy energy with bass you can feel through the ground. Shouting positive into the atmosphere. On a listening scale of sensuous is beyond basic, but clearly not using much brain power because of how much I enjoy the message . Coming from a woman in a state full of male performances, you have to show people much more than say it to them. To have a message from a woman trying to become more than just a sex symbol . She has exceeded the expectations making people understand and feel her true words . On a scale of expressive , the art of the music and stage presents kept me feel the vibe that was played throughout the showcase . From jumping around to hand claps to arise the crowd. Jade made sure you felt her words while you were repeating them . A very powerful movement I’d you ask me . The last scale I rated on this performance was the Sheerly musical which was fairly easy because of the message behind the performance. The reality of a young women speaking truth into music lovers . Making it a breezy to understand and enjoy the performance at hand .

Going into this concert I wasn’t sure on what I would receive. Sure I’ve been to plenty of concerts . But this performance was very special because it was a newly found friend . She’s a very passionate person . Which shows through all she does. So I had to make sure to see if the energy would continues . Not a surprise at all once I stepped into the theater. She had just as much energy as when I met her . On stage she was a ninja. Her message and her costumes stood which keep me excited to know what was next . Something I value when it comes to music . It has to move you . If it doesn’t,start over . In my opinion of course . After three songs , jade exited the stage with so much energy. I told her she should rented with a encore . Of course , she laughed and gave me a hug for support . But I was mostly happy because she was doing and saying what and how she wanted to . Music should be a escape. Perfectly I escaped and found more music I enjoyed .