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Retreat Overnight Stay? or One Day Pass?

Greetings, sending out much love to you and yours! The Reconnect to Self Holistic Care retreat is right around the Corner, so we are sending a few last minute reminders, so everyone will have ample time to book last minute TICKETS before the event! The 3 day, 2 night Retreat of relaxation will be packed full of once in a lifetime experiences that will show our guests how to stay well connected, mind, body, and spirit! If you are just beginning your spiritual journey learning about holistic health, this retreat is the perfect opportunity for you to expand your knowledge and meet new people ! If you are a holistic practitioner or you have been on your journey of self realization for quite some time, then this retreat is most definitely for you! You will be able to genuinely relax and vibe out around like minded individuals! Think of @reconnecttoself as a smorgasbord where you get to experience and learn about different holistic care activities; here you are free from judgement . pressure and stress! Here we take the time to slow down and focus on the most important thing in the universe...Yourself! If your health is not in order mentally, physically and spiritually then you will not be able rise above life's struggles and thrive, which means you definitely will not be able to help anyone else.

Huge s/o to our guests that have already took the step towards elevation, and booked their bubbles!!! You guys are ahead of the game!! We are extending a special offer for guests that aren't able to stay overnight for the entire weekend!! Introducing the ONE DAY PASS: This ticket option will allow guests to attend the @reconnecttoself Holistic Care Retreat one out of the 3 days! The day you choose to attend; food will be included as will as participation in all activities for the day! Here we want to make a way for you to elevate!

Visit our website: view our day by day Itinerary and to grab your tickets!!


We are ecstatic to meet all of our guest next month May 17-19!