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Exclusive interview with Music Sound Noise!!!

Will all the real MUSES please stand up!!!??!! Much love, i hope everyone is having a wonderful evening! It's ya girl Jade, here to drop off a true gem! I had the chance earlier this month to sit down with the Music Buff duo @musicsoundnoise . We did an amazing interview all about, my new music, my values as an artist, and how i plan on actively reaching my supporters with my message! If you ever wanted a closer sneak peak into the mind of the muse, this is it!!! I've linked the interview above so you guys can check it out, and i will be available to be viewed on the Music Page here on the site as well!! I do this for my people, everyday i am grateful for another opportunity to express my views to the world! Enjoy, and be sure to like the video or drop a comment with your thoughts!! Much Love to you and yours!