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Brainstorming Featured on @sharkgumboradio

Happy August!!!

Will all the real Muses please stand up!!!!!!

I'm elated to announce that my new single "Brainstorming " was featured on Radio station Hits 92.3, on the Shark Gumbo Radio Show during their #sink or #swim segment! The show is hosted by @iamblacknicholson , and i would like to give him a huge s/o for allowing me the opportunity to be highlighted on the show. During, the #sink or #swim segment of the @sharkgumboradio show the hosts drop a single by new independent artists, and they let their fans decide whether the song is a SINK or SWIM!!! When it was all said and done, I'm proud to say that all the muses really showed major support!!! My new single Brainstorming came out on top, swimming!!! Thank to for all the continuous support, it means so much!! Let's continue to rise and be great together!!! You guys can watch my new #youtube video linked above, with a slight recap of the radio feature!!! Much love, and until next time...

I Love you guys!!! Stay Inspired!!