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@thejuiceboxlive launches new series!!!!

August 16, 2019

 How are all the Muses feeling out there in the world today????? I'm feeling wonderful, in fact, i'm like its time for a creative rebirth!

Those who have been following me for quite some time on social media,  (@jade_muse) know  that I have a webcast called ( @thejuiceboxlive) where i used to interview different new independent artist on the scene! Well, I've been feeling for quite some time that its time to bring back the webcast, but with a twist!!!! You guys know i love starting new projects, so this one will be really exciting! @thejuiceboxlive presents: Re-Defining Success!!! 

Redefining success; is a short series where we highlight different entrepreneurs, business owners , and all around hustlers, to find out their personal definition of success! The voice of the people shall be heard! Follow our webcast @thejuiceboxlive on social media! New episodes of Re-defining success will drop every Saturday at 11 AM, Right here on our YouTube channel!

please subscribe to our channel to stay tuned for ur upcoming new episode releases!!

much love, see you guys very soon!!!


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December 5, 2019

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