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Book your Holistic Consultation w/ the Muse today!!!

New Service ALERT!!!! We all need to take the time to Reconnect to the things that matter the most in our reality! It is very easy today, for us to be distracted and disconnected mentally and spiritually from ourselves, our families and even our communities. When we are able to quiet our minds and center ourselves; we then, are able to connect directly to our creator. We are able to hear what we should do, and we are able to see our future path a little more clearly, but first you must be willing to learn and listen. Your heart must be open and welcoming to the one and only, true living GOD. Knowing all of the above, your next question may be : How do i get back to my original true connection? It doesn't take much at all but a personal conversation with the creator, he is always listening and always willing to help you. Of course he works through people right in your very own communities. I am here as a source of guidance. I do nothing on my own. I have a vast array of knowledge , that has fell upon me, from my heavenly father, and i intend of sharing this amazing information with those who seek. You can schedule a personal Holistic Consultation with me: Jade Muse. During this short session we will discuss, any difficulties you may be experiencing, we will set you intentions and goals for the future, then we will proceed to create game plan in order to accomplish that goal.

Above are a few pictures from the inside of a gift bag created for a young lady after her holistic session.

a spiritual bath suit her personal intentions and goals.

Inside: 3 jars rainwater, 3 spiritual bath bombs, incense , Desert Rose Selenite crystal, a few candles, TEA, written benefits of herbs, crystals and rainwater, and a few other surprises.

The Consultation is an initial meeting to see exactly what you need, and how i may be able to help you.

We will create a personal plan for success for you, with a personal reasonable price!

I look forward to hearing from you all.

To the King of kings we give the highest praise : Hallelujah!!!