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Have you tuned in to MUSE TV this week?

If you haven't tuned in to "Muse Tv "this week, then you arhy say; Using Discernment on Sunday. In this series we take a deeper look at common phrases used in our society, and we use our discernment in order to see the deeper hidden message being relayed.

Next on Monday we have a new episode of our short series; " Redefining Language". In this series we take the time to explore various words, that so carelessly leave our lips. We analyze the meaning in present day context and how it may effect the people.

Lastly Every Wednesday we have new episodes of : "Muse 101: Life Lessons". In this short series we focus on some of the Life Lessons The Muse herself has learned throughout her years!!!!

Are you guys ready to go on this amazing journey of discovery weekly with the muse?? Together , may we unlock new doors of expansion and growth in the minds of our people!

Will All the REAL MUSES Please Stand Up???!!!!

Tune into Muse Tv HERE:

Looking forward to sharing a cup of knowledge w/ you!