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Will All The Real Muses please stand up???!!!

Happy Sunday, its ya girl @jade_muse here to give you, your #musetv weekly check in!!

Have you received your weekly dose of inspiration??

3 days a week i drop, 3 different shows on MUSE TV !!! Each show has a completely different topic , so make sure you do a weekly check-in to make sure you may not have missed something very important for your spirit.


They say: Using Discernment

Presented by: @reconnecttoself

In this short series we discuss, various statements that we all hear everyday, then we use our discernment to uncover the hidden messages behind each phrase.


Redefining Language

Presented by: @thejuiceboxlive

In this short series we discuss, commonly used words in our language, that seem to be offensive or vulgar.By interviewing REAL PEOPLE we are able to take a closer look at how we use these words and if we should even be comfortable exchanging this energy with our people.


Muse 101 : Life Lessons