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March 4, 2020

 Tickets are now on Sale for The Muse in Motion Tour 2020!!! We appreciate all of the Muses worldwide, your love and support are greatly appreciated. This tour is a tour of inspiration, to uplift and inspire our people. Its a tour of enlightenment to spread knowledge of the one true god of love and peace. Most importantly, this is an opportunity to give thanks, and celebrate our glorious creator! Everyday we are alive is a day to be cherished. 

A word to the Muses: 

When you purchase a ticket to see Jade Muse perform LIVE, you also will receive so much more!! We have several sponsors that have partnered with The Muse in Motion Tour 2020 in order to provide YOU, the Muses of the world an all around premium experience! From the time you purchase your ticket, up until the time you see Jade Muse perform LIVE, you are treated with V.I.P  STAR STUDDED STATUS!!!!That means you get all the perks/deals and discounts that come with being a MUSE!!! Head over to www.yourfavoritemuse.com to see the list of ALL the official Sponsors of The muse in Motion Tour 2020 and what they have in store for you.

When you visit us here on Jade Muse Official website, you can view the official tour dates and venues, you can even purchase tickets to the tour: https://www.yourfavoritemuse.com/themuseinmotiontour2020


We look forward to seeing you This May 2020!

Continue to #BeaMuse and thank you for #SupportingtheMuse

To God Be the Glory!



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